Monday, February 13, 2012

OwlJones Terrestrial Swap

Being new to this blogger game, when I saw Owl Jones was having a fly swap with Outsmarting Fish and Dub The Thorax I decided to jump in and have a crack a published pattern come up with a nice innovative foam type fly that will catch fish. Not that I'm new to fly swaps, as in the last 6 months I've registered to participate in no less than 13 swaps, not including Mr Jones':

Winged Wet Fly Swap
2 Midge swaps
Big streamer for trout swap
Small streamer swap
Dry Fly swap
2 Nymph Swaps
2 Steelhead swaps
Bass fly swap
Married Wing Salmon Fly Swap
Spring Brookie Swap
And now i'm on the Owl Jones Foam Terrestrial Swap

That, at 12 flies per swap is box full of flies. Not bad, since most of the flies i would never have tied for myself.

I don't think I'm wrong in saying, the winter fly swap season is a sure fire way to replenish your boxes while still tying flies you are familiar with. Not only that, the return of the flies is a great way to get ideas for flies to tie in future.

If your interested in a foam terrestrial swap, head  on over to Owl Jones, and get in on the action, and while your at it, give him a follow on twitter, there's a prize up for grabs when the 1000 followers mark is reached!


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