Thursday, February 2, 2012

Quiet times and birthday celebrations

It’s been a quiet last few days on the fly tying front. Tied up a few more wets.

Black Prince - hackle is a bit long



Bottle Imp

Blockhouse - needs a better wing

Dugmore Fancy

 Still lots to work on, i.e. consistency. It’s appropriate that flies with similar construction should look the same regardless of materials used. Wings should look the same, hackles and throats should be of a consistent length, tips and tags should start at the same point on the hook, heads should be shiny and compact, and of course, ribs should always be 5 wraps.
My aim for the next few tries will be to get all this locked in, and hopefully I’ll achieve that.
I’m gonna tie up the 6 variants of the Trout Fin as a birthday gift. I’ll post them once they are done. Maybe in between times, my order of floss and wing quills will have arrived and I’ll get to tie up some other patterns.
I’ve found the Bergman Collection on Hatches Online is a great source of images and material, and lately I’ve been working through patterns for which I had materials in my stash. Some of those have started to run down so new materials were a necessary evil – like fly tyers ever need an excuse to expand the hoard!! I also picked up a nice copy of Trout on amazon, the second edition from 1952. Its been reported that the illustrations in the older editions are superior to the newer reprints. Lets see

I had planned to attend the fly fishing show in Somerset last weekend, but a date clash with my daughter's first birthday encouraged me to change my plans and attend Lancaster show instead. I’m definitely looking forward to it after reading many great reports from Somerset Show. Lets see if there are any deals to be had at Lancaster.

I've got some flies to finish for fly swaps over on the NAFF Forum, nymph and dry swaps. Hopefully I can get those knocked out this weekend before my quills come, otherwise, they'll never be finished!


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