Friday, February 17, 2012

Goodies in the mail

The last few days have been like christmas morning when i've come home from work to find a slew of packages from various sources. All fly fishing related, unfortunately no checks from Uncle Sam as yet!

First, when Cameron over at The Fiberglass Manifesto busted out some new t-shirt designs, I had to have one. It arrived yesterday - the Comrade shirt in black, "a beaut' as our Aussie friends would say.

Next, my good buddy Gary Tanner from The River's Course, is a very good  semi professional dyer of capes and saddles, not to mention a damn good fly tyer (he likes it spelled TYER, as do I for that matter, but I digress). I purchased some great salmon streamers a while back from him, and one of the feathers he used was deep green color of his own creation. I mentioned to him I was getting into tying Rangeley style streamers, but had little knowledge of hook selection etc, and he was kind enough to send me a nice xl hook and a couple of prepped wings to test out. So my first Streamer fly will be a Tanner Special, to debut soon. Thanks Gary for the nice gifts, I hope you like the fly I concoct.

In addition, Gary, has also submitted several great streamer patterns to the STREAMERS365 project, the first of which debuted on Feb 14. If you haven't checked that out yet, I suggest you get on over there and see whats happening. Gary's fly also features the deep green colored wing.

Following on from Streamers365, the flies featured each month are auctioned off on eBay, and the funds raised going to support various charities. I managed to snag two of the flies from January, a nice Funky Sunrise and The Manager. My goal this year is to pick up a couple of these flies each month and have them put in a frame at the end of the year. A nice piece for the tying cave.

I got some free feathers too from a buddy on the classic fly tying forum. Some African Flamingo. They are great two tone pink and white feathers, so y'all can expect some nice flies to come from these little fellas in the coming weeks.

Finally, it wouldn't be decent post with out something from the vise. I took some time last weekend to get my streamer box refilled with Red Rocket's, designed by Mike Schmidt at Anglers Choice Flies. All the flies he's designed and tied are available to buy directly from him. I like to tie them up, and I've tied a lot of his other smaller patterns, but these suckers are fun to tie and are HUGE at about 5 inches. Great for browns and steelhead, and possibly other fish like pike and musky. Check out Mikes work at the link above and also check his blog for interesting snippets from his fly tying and fishing addictions.

That's all folks for now.

Tight lines if you're out this weekend on the water

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