Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dolly Varden and a Wet fly order

Making slow and steady progress in my quest to tie great wet flies for show. Last night, after completing an order of wet flies for a customer, I broke out my new stash of quills and tied a Dolly Varden. Hook is Mustad S70-3399 size 6, the standard for show flies.

I have to say I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Still some stuff to work on, but my wing setting is getting much better, and thus the heads on the flies are getting smaller and more manageable. Body on this one could be more smooth, and the wing a little longer, but overall, pretty decent.

Here she is 

I've also been posting my flies on various forums for feedback and critique, without which I wouldn't be able to improve my skills. Someone liked what I was tying as asked me to tie up a set of flies (he specified the patterns) for fishing in Maine. 

Here they are
4 Olive trout Fins - 2 size 8 and 2 size 10
2 Golden Pheasant - 1 size 8, 1 Size 10
2 Babcock - Size 10
2 Parmachene Belle - Size 10
2 Jock Scott - Size 8

While pretty time consuming to tie, they look pretty good for fishing at least.

Anyone interested in these can shoot me message and we can work something out.

As always, thanks for reading my blog.



  1. Oh, man, Eunan, that Dolly is awesome, and a darn nice photo of it, too! Great tying!

  2. She does look a good'un, I have to agree Gary!
    Thanks for swinging by!


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