Friday, April 4, 2014

invest in a life, rather than materials/fishing this weekend

I don't ususally post things like this, but this story really hit me as my own daughter is 3 years old.

A little girl with a chance at having her life saved and the only thing standing in the way is money to start the treatment.

I had planned to buy some materials this weekend, but instead its going to this project.

Think about it.

$20 is a spit in the ocean for you and me, but could make all the difference to a little 4 year old girl

Friday, March 21, 2014

some recent flies

I've kinda hit the wall on the salmon fly front of late, thus, 52 salmon flies is a few 'flies behind'. I know I can catch up before years end, so no worries there.
I go though this phase periodically, where I just dont have the inspiration to sit down and tie a classic salmon fly. However, when that happens, my attention
invariably turns to winged wet flies and Rangeley style streamers.

So, here is a smattering of the flies I've tied pretty much since March 1st.

Stevens' Patriotic Series all size 1 10xl.

Great Ceasar's Ghost - A Mike Martinek Pattern

Super Ghost - another Martinek pattern, clearly inspired by Joseph Stickney's Supervisor streamer

Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear size 7

Adirondack Size 7

Mickey Finn Hair wing size 4. Slight variant using embossed tinsel for the body

Colonel Fuller Size 7, strikingly similar in color to the Mickey Finn

Lake George Size 7

3 of 6 Trout fin wet flies - Bergman Fontinalis, Fontinalis Fin, and Don Bastians Original Olive Trout Fin, all size 7. 
The three remaining are Brook Fin, Brookie Fin and Trout Fin, which I'm in the process of tying.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Jock O'Dee

Not much to write about this one. The pattern is from Pryce-Tannatt, and clearly a nod to the venrable Jock Scott.

I tied this one in hand, and I wish I'd soaked the hackle before I tied it in as I couldn't get it to stay up tight against the ribs.

Anyways, short and sweet this week.

Jock O'Dee tied (in hand) and 
photographed by Eunan Hendron

 Side view

Three quarter view top

Monday, February 24, 2014

some you win, some you lose...

I tried to tie a Durham Ranger in hand. Right from the outset, I made a number of stylistic decisions about how I wanted the fly to look. I love a long and low DR, and previous iterations have been tied on longer shanked hooks, or hooks which appear to be narrow gap due to the length of the shank. There’s no doubt it makes it more difficult to get your tippets to the desired height, but I really don’t like the tippet winged flies where the tippets are >1.5x the hook gap (Lady Amherst excepted). Anyways, I decide to tie it on a Lucas made Noble P, #5.  I wanted an open back to the fly, hence the low open tail, and I had a nice topping to go along with it.